Becoming Visible: Counseling Bisexuals Across the Lifespan

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Becoming Visible offers cutting-edge psychological perspectives on bisexual and queer identities and the cultural and mental health issues facing bisexual, lesbian, gay, queer, and questioning individuals and their partners. Essential for any professional seeking to provide "best practice" services to this population, Becoming Visible addresses the therapeutic needs of bisexuals at every stage of the life cycle.
This volume explores why some people resist identity labels and what bisexual men and women consider exemplary and harmful in their therapeutic experiences. It also helps practitioners distinguish between the stresses brought on by being part of a sexual minority and the clinical symptoms that indicate serious mental health issues. It includes research on ethnic minority bisexuals, youth, elders, gender-variant individuals, and bisexuals engaging in alternative lifestyles and sexual practices such as polyamory and BDSM.
Edited by a psychologist who specializes in sexual-orientation and gender-identity issues and with contributions from scholars and professionals from multiple disciplines, the book embraces perspectives from the empirical to the phenomenological, and outlines both scientific and practice-based approaches to the subject while carefully considering the psychological, cultural, and spiritual dimensions of the issues confronting bisexual men and women.
Becoming Visible is a crucial step in the improved mental health and well-being of bisexuals, transgender individuals, and other sexual minorities. This book offers a path toward awareness and compassion for those who seek to understand, treat, and empower this underserved and frequently misunderstood group of mental health clients.


Foreword, by Beverly Greene Preface: Embracing the Revolution Acknowledgments Introduction: Becoming Visible I Critical Issues in Counseling Bisexual Clients 1. The Construction and Reconstruction of Bisexuality: Inventing and Reinventing the Self, by Paula C. Rodríguez Rust 2. A Review of Mental Health Research on Bisexual Individuals When Compared to Homosexual and Heterosexual Individuals, by Brian Dodge and Theo G. M. Sandfort 3. Bisexual Women's and Men's Experiences of Psychotherapy, by Emily Page 4. What's in a Name? Why Women Embrace or Resist Bisexual Identity, by Robyn Ochs
II Counseling Bisexual Women and Men Across the Lifespan 5. Developmental and Spiritual Issues of Young People and Bisexuals of the Next Generation, by Luke Entrup and Beth A. Firestein 6. Counseling the Bisexual Married Man, by Greg Carlsson 7. Cultural and Relational Contexts of Bisexual Women: Implications for Therapy, by Beth A. Firestein 8. Bisexuality and Broken Relationships: Working with Intimate Partner Violence, by Sharon G. Horne and Shana V. Hamilton 9. Bisexual Inclusion in Addressing Issues of GLBT Aging: Therapy with Older Bisexual Women and Men, by Bobbi Keppel and Beth A. Firestein 10. Disability and Bisexuality: Confronting Ableism at the Intersection of Gender and Queer Desire, by Stacey L. Coffman
III Counseling Ethnic Minority and Gender-Variant Bisexual Clients 11. Addressing Social Invalidation to Promote Well-Being for Multiracial Bisexuals of African Descent, by Raymond L. Scott 12. Counseling at the Intersection of Identities: Asian/Pacific American Bisexuals, by James Fuji Collins 13. Counseling Bisexual Latinos: A Minority Within a Minority, by Luigi Ferrer and L. Angelo Jürgen Gómez 14. Transgender Identities and Bisexual Expression: Implications for Counselors, by Dallas Denny
IV Identity and Lifestyle Diversity Among Bisexual Women and Men 15. Queer Identities and Bisexual Identities: What's the Difference?, by Evalie Horner 16. Gender Expression in Bisexual Women: Therapeutic Issues and Considerations, by Heidi M. Levitt and Sara K. Bridges 17. Counseling Bisexuals in Polyamorous Relationships, by Geri Weitzman 18. Playing with Sacred Fire: Building Erotic Communities, by Loraine Hutchins 19. Counseling Bisexuals on BDSM Lifestyle Issues, by William A. Henkin
V Future Trends 20. Training Counselors to Work Ethically and Effectively with Bisexual Clients, by Tania Israel 21 Counseling Heterosexual Spouses of Bisexual or Transgender Partners, by Amity Pierce Buxton Index


Edited by Beth A. Firestein


" Becoming Visible raises awareness and enhances our understanding of the unique and incredibly diverse experiences and clinical needs of bisexual men and women. Specific emphasis is often placed on differentiating their experiences from those of lesbian and gay individuals (with whom bisexuals are too often thoughtlessly lumped) and providing clinicians with practical information and therapeutically-relevant techniques that can be used in treating bisexual clients. I was frankly bowled over by the diversity of perspectives and topics represented in the volume& mdash;no stone remains unturned and for this reason I am sure that the book will be of tremendous use not only to clinicians but to researchers and academics like myself." -- Lisa Diamond, assistant professor of psychology and gender studies, University of Utah
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