Russian Foreign Policy in the Twenty-First Century and the Shadow of the Past

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Because the turbulent trajectory of Russia's foreign policy since the collapse of the Soviet Union echoes previous moments of social and political transformation, history offers a special vantage point from which to judge the current course of events.
In this book, a mix of leading historians and political scientists examines the foreign policy of contemporary Russia over four centuries of history. The authors explain the impact of empire and its loss, the interweaving of domestic and foreign impulses, long-standing approaches to national security, and the effect of globalization over time.
Contributors focus on the underlying patterns that have marked Russian foreign policy and that persist today. These patterns are driven by the country's political makeup, geographical circumstances, economic strivings, unsettled position in the larger international setting, and, above all, its tortured effort to resolve issues of national identity. The argument here is not that the Russia of Putin and his successors must remain trapped by these historical patterns but that history allows for an assessment of how much or how little has changed in Russia's approach to the outside world and creates a foundation for identifying what must change if Russia is to evolve.
A truly unique collection, this volume utilizes history to shed crucial light on Russia's complex, occasionally inscrutable relationship with the world. In so doing, it raises the broader issue of the relationship of history to the study of contemporary foreign policy and how these two enterprises might be better joined.


AcknowledgmentsIntroduction 1. Living in the Hood: Russia, Empire, and Old and New NeighborsRonald Grigor Suny 2. Russian Foreign Policy During Periods of Great State TransformationRobert Legvold 3. Domestic Conjunctures, the Russian State, and the World Outside, 1700-2006David McDonald 4. How Persistent Are Persistent Factors?Alfred J. Rieber 5. Russian Concepts of National SecurityLawrence T. Caldwell 6.Russia in Northeast Asia: In Search of a StrategyGilbert Rozman 7. Reluctant Europeans: Three Centuries of Russian Ambivalence Toward the WestAngela Stent 8. Global Challenges and Russian Foreign PolicyCeleste A. Wallander ContributorsIndex


Edited by Robert Legvold


"[A] great, thumping, satisfying book about the mainsprings of Russian foreign policy." -- Sir Rodric Braithwaite, British Ambassador in Moscow, 1988-92, RUSI Journal
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