Adult Literacy as Social Practice: More Than Skills

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Juli 2005



Providing a very contemporary overview of literacy, numeracy and 'English as a Second or Other Language' teaching, this book presents a radically new perspective on reading, writing and mathematics among adults.


1. The Field of Adult Literacy, Numeracy and ESOL - What Is It?: Definitions, discourses and metaphors 2. A New Way of Looking at Reading, Writing and Numeracy: Literacy and numeracy as social and situated practice 3. Reading, Writing and Numeracy in Context: Dominant and vernacular practices 4. The History and Current Context of Adult Literacy and Numeracy Education in the UK 5. Implications of the Social View of Literacy and Numeracy for the Policy and Practice of Adult Basic Education


Uta Papen is Lecturer in Literacy Studies in the Dept of Linguistics at Lancaster University. She has published previously with Peter Lang


'This book is a very welcome addition to an increasing literature on ALLN, how it is defined, how it is used and what the implications are for practitioners and learners. In particular, this volume has a key aim to introduce readers to the social practice view of literacy and its implications for teaching and learning ALLN.' - London Review of Education "The book assumes no prior knowledge of the topic and will serve as invaluable background reading for both students and experienced workers in the fields of literacy, TESOL, social work, and other education programmes...Papen certainly achieves her aim: to illustrate how a view of literacy from a social practice perspective lends itself well to ethnographic research." - TESL-EJ, December 2006, Volume 10, Number 3
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