Cultural Heritage Management in China: Preserving the Cities of the Pearl River Delta

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Cultural Heritage Management in China presents a thematic examination of the development of cultural heritage management (CHM) in an Asian context. It challenges assumptions of the primacy of community-sponsored action and heritage authority based on Western-derived ideals and practices that fit with democratic models for civil action. The multidisciplinary team of international contributors analyze four key case studies of cities along the Pearl River Delta examining their administrative characteristics, economic growth and their relationship with cultural identity and human relationships.
Providing an innovative study of cultural heritage management, this book will be of interest to students of Asian and cultural studies, as well as offering valuable insights into Asian culture and society itself.


1. Introduction H. du Cros, Y.S.F. Lee, L. DiStefano and W. Logan 2. The Pearl River Delta: One Country, Three Systems H. du Cros, Y.S.F. Lee, A. McClelland-Sauvegrain, E. Chow and D. Lung 3. The Rise of Professionalism H. du Cros, Y.S.F. Lee, A. McClelland-Sauvegrain, E. Chow and W. Logan 4. Economic Growth and Cultural Identity H. du Cros, Y.S.F. Lee, D. Lung and L. DiStefano 5. The Human Factor and Cultural Affinity H. du Cros and Y.S.F. Lee 6. Conclusion H. du Cros and Y.S.F. Lee


Hilary du Cros is an Invited Professor at the Institute For Tourism Studies in Macao, People's Republic of China. Yok-shiu F. Lee is an Associate Professor in Geography at the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, People's Republic of China.
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