Special Operations and Strategy from World War II to the War on Terrorism

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Shows how a number of different special operations, in conjunction with more conventional military actions, achieve and sustain strategic effect(s) over time. This book argues that the root of effective special operations lies in understanding the relationship existing between moral and material attrition at the strategic level.


List of Figures, Tables, and Maps Foreword Preface Acknowledgements List of Abbreviations 1. Special Operations and Great Raids Definitions Special Operations and the Linkages to Strategy Methodology 2. "Seeing 'Black Lights' Before Sinking Into Oblivion": Theories of Strategic Paralysis Strategical Paralysis and Tanks Tactical Paralysis: Plan 1919 Body and Brain Warfare Technology and Center of Gravity The Air Campaign and John Warden III From Air Superiority to Five Rings From Five Rings to Systemic Collapse John Boyd and Air Kill Ratios From Immelmanns to OODA Loops The Theoretical Nexi Of Paralysis: Friction and Center of Gravity 3. "A Dark Picture of Destruction": Special Operations, the Persistence of Ideas, and Dambusting Dambusting: Raid or Special Operation? Ascribing the Arc: From "Air Policing" to the "Knockout Blow" Turning the Corner: Planning the "Knockout Blow" Struggling to Maintain Lift: The Means and Method of a Special Operation Coming Full Circle: The Attempted "Knockout Blow" 4. Death By A Thousand Cuts: Special Operations, Attrition, and the Nature of Warfare Conventional Theories of Attrition and Annihilation Theories of the Dual Forms of Strategy in Warfare: Clausewitz, Delbruck, and Reflections on Military Revolutions Theories of the Dual Forms of Strategy in Irregular Wars: Lawrence, Mao, and Creating the Conditions for Revolution Special Operations, Attrition, and Non-linearity 5. Case Study: "Looting a Burning House," The SAS in the Campaign of Attrition in Normandy, 1944 The Special Air Service, 1941-1944: Genesis, Success, Growth The Politics and Planning of Operation Overlord Confronted with Scylla and Charybdis: The Planning for and Use of the SAS Brigade in Support of Overlord Neptune and Beyond: The SAS Throttles German Logistics Chapter VI. Conclusion: Special Operations and the Nature of Strategy Bibliography Index


James Kiras is Assistant Professor of Comparative Military Studies at the School of Advanced Air and Space Studies, and has over 10 years of experience in the realms of academia, defense policy, and national security. He holds a Bachelor s degree in History from the University of Massachusetts at Boston and a Master s degree in History/International Relations from the University of Toronto. Dr. Kiras successfully defended his PhD dissertation at the University of Reading in 2004. He is a recognized author on the subject of special operations, terrorism, and irregular warfare with numerous book chapters and articles to his credit. "


'With Special Operations and Strategy, James D Kiras offers a rare scholarly analysis of the ways in which SO can and cannot contribute to strategic success. In so doing, Kiras warns policymakers against making costly and tragically common errors under the influence of theoretical concepts which, whatever their value in other types of operations, are inappropriate for this type of warfare.'
Dr Thomas M. Kane, University of Hull, UK '...this monograph has great value to policy makers and soldiers, conventional and unconventional.'
Lieutenant Colonel (ret) Thomas P. Odom, Small Wars Journal
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