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Censorship examines the history and current practices of censorship in five countries--the U.S., Russia, China, Egypt, and Zimbabwe--and discusses key counterstrategies. This enlightening new volume contains relevant primary source documents; information on how to research and evaluate sources; biographical information on important figures whose lives were, or are, linked with censorship; and a list of U.S. and international organizations and agencies.


Frank Caso holds an M.A.L.S. from Wesleyan University. He is a professional writer and editor whose articles have appeared in History Magazine, Moscow Times, and Contemporary Musicians. He also served for two years as editor of Hog River Journal, an award-winning quarterly regional history magazine. Foreword author Richard B. Collins is professor of law and director of the Byron R. White Center for the Study of American Constitutional Law at the University of Colorado. He teaches courses in constitutional law, property, Colorado government, law and religion, and American Indian law. His recent publications include The Colorado State Constitution and Felix S. Cohen's Handbook of Federal Indian Law, as well as several articles, including one that appeared in the Colorado Law Review on lawmaking by citizens' initiatives.

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