Ever Directed Towards the Lord: The Love of God in the Liturgy of the Eucharist Past, Present, and Hoped for

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Februar 2007



The celebration of the liturgy of the Holy Eucharist is one of the central issues in the Roman Catholic Church. To mark the Year of the Eucharist, the Society of St Catherine of Siena held a conference on the Eucharistic liturgy at Oxford in 2005. This book contains the reflection of the scholars present at the conference.


Letter, by Francis Cardinal Arinze; Introduction, by Uwe Michael Lang; Pope Benedict XVI and the Liturgy, by Eamon Duffy; Open, O Lord, My Mouth: Speaking a Liturgical Theology; Adequate to the Name, by Laurence Paul Hemming; The Mass and Modernity, by Jonathan Robinson; The Genius of the Roman Rite Revisited, by Paul Bradshaw; The Post-Vatican II Revision of the Lenten Collects, by Lauren Pristas; The Direction of Liturgical Prayer, by Uwe Michael Lang; Conclusion: Goldy Grief and the Unity of the Church, by Susan Parsons.


Uwe Michael Lang is a priest of the London Oratory and a Research Fellow at Heythorp College in the University of London, UK.


"'This collection of papers contributes much to a better understanding and more sanctifying celebration of the Eucharistic Mystery. Liturgical renewal and a deeper understanding of the public worship of the Church will no doubt gain from the publication of the lectures and discussion contained in this book.' Francis Cardinal Arinze, Congregation of the Divine Liturgy"
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