Discourse as Cultural Struggle

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Februar 2007



Challenging the cultural imbalance in modern research traditions, this book argues for a culturalist perspective in facilitating better intercultural exchange amidst accelerated processes of globalization. It is intended for scholars and researchers of language and communication studies who seek innovative approaches in their fields of interest.


Part I: Cultural Issues in Theory and Methodology; 1. Discourse Studies and Cultural Politics: An Introduction; 2. Discourse and Cultural Transformation; 3. Agendas for Multicultural Discourse Research; Part II: Cultural Struggles in Discourse; 4. Discursive Transition in Central and Eastern Europe; 5. Cultural Value Change in Mainland China's Commercial Discourse; 6. A Chinese Christmas Story; 7. Western Representations of the Other; 8. Western Politeness Theory and non-Western Context; 9. Discourse, Cultural Imperialism, Black Culture and Language Research in the United States; 10. The Discourse of Chinese Medicine and Westernization; 11. Intercultural Communication and Conflict Resolution: Towards an Iranian Approach; 12. Teaching Intercultural Communication in a Chinese Perspective.


Shi-xu is Qiushi Distinguished Professor and Director of the Institute of Discourse and Cultural Studies, Zhejiang University, China. He was previously Reader at the University of Ulster, UK. A leading scholar in discourse studies, Shi-xu is the author of A Cultural Approach to Discourse, Cultural Representations: Analyzing the Discourse about the Other, and the lead editor of Read the Cultural Other: Forms of Otherness in the Discourses of Hong Kong's Decolonisation. He is also the founding editor of the Journal of Multicultural Discourses.


"Here is a book that takes diversity seriously and lifts it to the level of an epistemic paradigm. What we know is culturally constituted and discursively articulated; this relativism is converted into an absolutism due to historical power relations, and we find ourselves a curious situation in which anything that suggests diversity at fundamental levels of thought becomes a serious theoretical problem. This book addresses this absurdity, and in the context of globalization, the exercise is to be welcomed." Jan Blommaert, University of London
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