Handbook of Civil Engineering Calculations

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Manage everyday calculations instantly and accurately-saving you time in the design, construction, and maintenance of all types of structures
Covering all aspects of civil engineering calculations in an easy-to-understand format, the new edition of the Handbook of Civil Engineering Calculations is now revised and updated with over 500 key calculations that show you exactly how to compute the desired values for a particular design-going quickly from data to finished result. Using both customary and SI units, this comprehensive engineer's must-have resource is exactly what you need to solve the civil engineering problems that come your way. From structural steel to reinforced concrete, from bridges and dams to highways and roads, Handbook of Civil Engineering Calculations, 2e, lets you handle all of these design calculations quickly-and more importantly, correctly.NEW TO THIS EDITION:
  • Updated calculation procedures using the latest applicable design codes for everything-from structural steel to reinforced concrete, from water supply to highways, freeways, roads, and more
  • A wealth of new illustrated calculation procedures to provide better guidance for the design engineer
  • New civil-engineering data on "green" buildings and their design, better qualifying them for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) ratings
Inside This Cutting-Edge Engineering Calculations Guide-
Structural Steel Engineering and Design . Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Engineering and Design . Timber Engineering . Soil Mechanics . Surveying, Route Design, and Highway Bridges . Fluid Mechanic, Pumps, Piping, and Hydro Power . Water Supply


PrefaceHow to Use This Handbook
Section 1: Structural Steel Engineering and Design
Section 2: Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Engineering and Design
Section 3: Timber Engineering
Section 4: Soil Mechanics
Section 5: Surveying, Route Design and Highway Bridges
Section 6: Fluid Mechanic, Pumps, Piping and Hydro Power
Section 7: Water Supply and Storm-Water System Design
Section 8: Waste water Treatment and Control
Section 9: Engineering EconomicsBibliographyIndex


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