The Warrior Ethos: Military Culture and the War on Terror

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Looks at the role of the 'warrior' in modern war, arguing that warriors' actions and thoughts are increasingly patrolled. This volume paints a picture of early 21st century warfare, helping to explain why so many aspiring warriors are becoming disenchanted with their profession. It sets out to explain what makes an American Marine a 'warrior'.


1. The Unhappy Warrior 2. Achilles and the Warrior Soul 3. Escaping the State of Nature 4. Emerson and Self-Trust 5. Brave New World, Brave New Warriors 6. Warrior Ethos


'Achieving the right balance in our own warrior ethos, and anticipating the challenges to it, are vital to the present and future operational effectiveness of our armed forces, as well as being important aspects of the wider ongoing debate on military culture and ethics. This book does not provide all the answers, nor does it seek to. But it does provide a comprehensive examination of this most important subject, and in a style which is both reflective and thought-provoking. It is an essential foundation to informed participation in the debate, and deserves to be widely read.' - Lieutenant General Sir John Kiszely, Director of the Defence Academy, RUSI Journal
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