European Ambitions of the National Judiciary

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August 1997



Several themes relating to the actual application of European law by members of the National Judiciary in everyday practice are discussed in this work. Attention is focused on the development of the role of members of the national judiciaries regarding the maintenance of Community law.


List of Abbreviations. Preface. Part One: Official Opening of the Renovated Premises of SSR. Introductory Speech;
W. Sorgdrager. Welcome Speech;
J.W. Fokkens. Opening Speech;
D.A.O. Edward. Part Two: Congress 'European Ambitions of The National Judiciary'. Introduction;
J.J.I. Verburg. Application of Community Law by National Courts: (Limits To)Direct Effect and Supremacy;
C.W.A. Timmermans. The Application of Community Law by the English Courts;
A. Clarke. European Law in the Hellenic Judicial Practice;
C. Vardavakis. Community Law and the Greek Administrative Courts;
C.G. Yeraris. The Preliminary Procedure and the Rule of Law in the European Union;
R. Barents. Preliminary Proceedings and the Rule of Law;
H.-E. Jonasson. National Courts, European Law and Preliminary Co-Operation;
A.W.H. Meij. The ECJ's Recent Case-Law in the Field of Tort Liability;
Towards a European ius commune? W. van Gerven. The Significance of the Francovich Jurisprudence for the National Courts;
M. Fierstra. Government Liability in Germany for Infringement of Community Law;
G. Krohn. The Relations Between the European Union and Central and Eastern Europe: From Association to Accession;
M. Maresceau, E. Montaguti. Application of Community Law by the Hungarian Judiciary;
I. Voros. The Effects and Application of International Law on National Tribunals in the Czech Republic;
Z. Sovak. Judicial Co-operation in the Field of Criminal Law and Civil Law;
J.J.E. Schutte. Facilitating Mutual Understanding: The Grotius Programme;
G. Vernimmen. Judicial Co-Operation in the Field of Criminal and Civil Law: A Scots Law Perspective;
A.N. Brown. Europe's Expectations of Its Judges;
P.J.G. Kapteyn.
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