Modern Issues in European Law: Nordic Perspectives; Essays in Honour of "Lennart Palsson"

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August 1997



The essays in this book, written in honour of Lennart Palsson, emeritus Professor of Public and Private International Law at the University of Lund, give a valuable insight into Nordic perspectives on a number of issues of great current interest and importance. The Editor has succeeded in putting together a fascinating collection, which covers, "inter alia," competition law in the European Union, the judicial system of the EU in the light of the Intergovernmental Conference, the application of foreign law in Swedish courts, Human Rights and university policy, aspects of the new Nordic Law on carriage of goods by sea and Comparative Law as a yardstick for academic legal education. The book will be a valuable addition to the literature of European Law containing, as it does, some new and unconventional ideas.


Tabula Gratulatoria. Misleading Cross-Border TV Advertising in the EU;
M. Bogdan. The Judicial System of the European Union in the Perspective of the 1996 Intergovernmental Conference;
O. Due. Other Rules Aiming at Creating Competition in the European Union - Inherent Contradictions;
J. Fejo. A Swedish Centre of Gravity Test? - Law, Fact and Fiction on the 'Individualizing Method';
U. Goranson. Application of Foreign Law in Swedish Courts - Recent Developments;
M. Jantera-Jareborg. Being First. On Uses and Abuses of the Lis Pendens Under the Brussels Convention;
O. Lando. Swedish Snus Confronts Basic EU Principles;
H.H. Lidgard. Human Rights and University Policy;
G. Melander. Scope of Application, Choice of Law and Jurisdiction in the New Nordic Law of Carriage of Goods by Sea;
A. Philip. Some Brief Reflections About Federalism in the European Union and in the United States of America;
C.M. Quitzow. Comparative Law as a Yardstick for Academic Legal Education;
K. Siehr. Social Assistance and Migrant Workers - Regulation No 1612/68 From a Swedish Perspective;
L. Westerhall.
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