Non-Discrimination Law: Comparative Perspectives

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This collection covers both the general aspects of equality and non-discrimination law, as well as the specific grounds for discrimination, adverse impact or indirect discrimination, and affirmative action.


Introduction; T. Loenen, P.R. Rodrigues.
Part I: General Aspects. Addressing the Legacy of the Past: Equality in the South African Constitution; K. O'Regan. Standards of Review for Discrimination. The Scope of Review by the Courts;
A.W. Heringa. Towards One Concept of Objective Justification? I.P. Asscher-Vonk. Formal and Substantive Equal Treatment: the Limitations and the Potential of the Legal Concept of Equality; K. Wentholt. How Positive Can Equality Measures Be? L. Mulder. Freedom of Contract and a Non-Discrimination Principle - Irreconcilable Antonyms? D. Schiek. The Role of 'Intent' in Discrimination Analysis; R.A. Sedler.
Part II: Specific Themes. Specific Grounds of Discrimination. Discrimination Entails Comparison; M. Banton. Religious Liberty and Non-Discrimination; M.D. Evans. Accommodating Religious Diversity in Employment;
B.C. Labuschagne. ccommodating Ethnic Diversity in Cases of Employment; L.G.-H. Kang You. Are the Law of Equality and the Law of Free Speech Really on a Collision Course? D. Meyerson. Are Indigenous Rights for Women Too? Gender Equality and Indigenous Rights in the Americas: the Case of Surinam; E.-R. Kambel. Health Inequalities - Symptom of Medicalisation and Denial of Equal Opportunities? A. Hendriks. Adverse Impact. Indirect Discrimination: Oscillating Between Containment and Revolution; T. Loenen. Indirect Discrimination: a Perspective from the United States; M. Selmi. Adverse Effect Discrimination in Canada: Crossing the Rubicon from Formal to Substantive Equality; B. Vizkelety. Effects and Justifications. Or How to Establish a Prima Facie Case of Indirect Sex Discrimination; I. Sjerps. Affirmative Action. Affirmative Action in Comparative Perspective: India and the United States; D.W. Jackson. Affirmative Action Canadian Style: Reflections on Canada's Employment Equity Law; J. Hucker. Preferential Treatment in European Community Law: Current Legal Developments and the Impact on National Practices; A.G. Veldman.
Part III: Enforcement. Regulating Discrimination: Advice to a Legislator on Problems Regarding the Enforcement of Anti-Discrimination Law and Strategies to Overcome Them;
C. McCrudden. The Social Working of Anti-Discrimination Law; J. Griffiths. The Austrian Equal Treatment Commission as an Instrument of Equality Law Enforcement; A. Sporrer. The Effectiveness of Equal Treatment in Employment: the Human Rights Law of New York City; M.B. Varela. The Role of the Ombudsman in the Enforcement of Non-Discrimination Law; M. Wadstein. Approaching its Use-by Date? National Enforcement Mechanisms; the Case of Australia; S. Pritchard. Making Mediation Work; M. Wilkie. Cross-border Discrimination: Private International Law, the Denial of the Holocaust and the Internet; P.R. Rodrigues. The Use and Abuse of Statistical Evidence in Discrimination Cases; K.R. Browne.
Part IV: Synthesis. Comparative Non-Discrimination Law: an Overview; M. MacEwen. Back to the Future - an Agenda for a More Equal Future; J.E. Goldschmidt. Curricula Vitae.
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