Islamic Marriage and Divorce Laws of the Arab World

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Januar 1996



This volume sets out the laws relating to marriage and divorce in the Arab states, both codified and uncodified, in a manner which should enable readers to look up the provisions of the law in specific areas and, where required, to compare the positions of the laws of different countries.


Background to Codification Algeria Egypt
Iraq Jordan (Including a Note on Palestine - The West Bank and Gaza) Kuwait Lebanon Libya
Morocco Syria Tunisia


Dawoud El Alami is a Lawyer admitted before the Egyptian Court of Cassation, the High Constitutional Court and the Conseil d'Etat. Having worked previously in research at the University of Kent and Oxford University and most recently having spent a year as Chairman of the higher Studies Institute (Political Science, Diplomatic and Strategic Studies) at Al al-Bayt University in Jordan, he is now a lecturer in the Department of Theology, Religious Studies and Islamic Studies at the University of Wales, Lampeter. He is the translator of The Business Laws of the United Arab Emirates, part of Kluwer Law International's series of Middle East Business Laws in looseleaf. Doreen Hinchcliffe is a Barrister, Visiting Lecturer at the Law Department of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) ans Visiting Professor of Gulf Law at the University of Detroit Mercy. She has written numerous articles and is considered an expert in both Islamic family law and commercial law of the Middle East.
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