The Inspection Panel of the World Bank, a Different Complaints Procedure

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Januar 2001



This volume is the result of a workshop on the inspection panel of the World Bank. Its purpose is to look for common ground in areas of mutual interest and to offer a substantive collection of ideas which can prove useful for the future work of the inspection panel and similar institutions.


1. Preface; G. Melander. 2. Democracy van Human Rights in the World Bank; H.E.O.R. Grimsson. 3. The World Bank Inspection Panel - Its Historical, Legal and Operational Aspects; I. Shihata. 4. Introduction - Broadening the Scope of Applicable Standards; G. Alfredsson. 5. Compliance with Operational Standards - The Contribution of the World Bank Inspection Panel; L. Boisson de Chazournes. 6. The Inspection Panel's Case Law; S. Schlemmer-Schulte. 7. International and Procedural Aspects of the Inspection Panel; R.E. Bissell. 8. Some Lessons from the Inspection Panel's Experience; A. Umana. 9. Access to Panel - The Notion of Affected Party, Issues of Collective and Material Interest; M. Hansungule. 10. The World Bank Inspection Panel - Amplifying Citizen Voices for Sustainable Development; D. Clark, D. Hunter. 11. The Inspection Policy of the Asian Development Bank; E. McGill. 12. The Independent Investigation Mechanism of the Inter-American Development Bank; G.D. Miller. 13. The Independent Inspection Panel of the World Bank - Comparison with Other International Complaints Procedures; J.Th. Moller. 14. ILO Supervision and the World Bank Inspection Panel; L. Swepston. 15. Protecting Rights under the Aid Programme of the European Union - The Need for a Dedicated Complaints Mechanism for Non-European Citizens; P. Feeney. List of Participants and Authors. Annexes.
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