Human Rights in Development, Volume 6: Yearbook 1999/2000

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März 2001



The 12th in the series of yearbooks on human rights in development, the millennium edition attempts to take stock of developments in the human rights arena since the Universal Declaration was adopted over half a century ago. It is a joint project of European and Canadian research institutes.


Preface. Making Human Rights Universal: Achievements and Prospects; A. Eide. Protecting Human Rights in a Global Economy: Challenges for the World Trade Organization; R. Howse, M. Mutua. Bolstering Human Rights by Means of 'Smart' Sanctions?; B. Bull, A. Tostensen. En-gendering Justice: the Statute of the International Criminal Court in a Gender Perspective; B.C. Bedont. Minority Rights, Justice and Ethnicity in Guatemala; T. Bendiksby. Reasonable Discrimination? Affirming Access to Higher Education in Malyasia; H. Stokke. Aid for Human Rights and Democracy: Challenges of Design, Management and Evaluation; G.M. Sorbo, A. Tostensen. Improving the Criminal Justice System in Nepal: A Research Approach to Danish Assistance; P.V. Kessing, Y. Sangroula. Contributors and Editors.
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