Fact and Fiction of Healthy Vision: Eye Care for Adults and Children

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Explains eye development and disorders, treatments and surgeries, as well as common misconceptions about damage, health, and treatments.


Clyde K. Kitchen is a member of the Senior Active Staff of the St. Jude Hospital Department of Ophthalmology, in Fullerton, California. He is an Ophthalmologist in practice for more than 36 years.


"Dr. Kitchen, a doctor who definitely knows what he is talking about, not only supplied interesting. factual, and helpful information but did it in a way that was easy to comprehend for those of us not knowledgeable in this area. He starts out with the basic information of the eye, flows into common eye problems, such as red eye and itchy eyes, moves into age related eye problems and brings us to a chapter where he talks of visual aids, diabetes and the likes with connection to the eye. .He ends his work with consumer information that is packed full of helpful tidbits for you, and he even includes a glossary of terms and words that will better help you understand your eye and the eye-care profession....[t]his is one great book and would be an asset in any home, calming fears and giving needed information and advise concerning eye-care, as to what not to do and what to do, warnings and recommendations, and whom to go to for the help you need. Very highly recommended. Excellent work." - MBR Bookwatch
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