The Rodgers and Hammerstein Encyclopedia

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The most complete source on America's most famous musical theater team, including current information on recent revivals, a comprehensive list of recordings, up-to-date biographies on hundreds of people who worked with R&H.


Thomas S. Hischak is the author of fifteen books and twenty published plays. He is Professor of Theatre at the State University of New York College at Cortland and received the Chancellors Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activity.


"The amazingly productive Hischak, author/editor of 15 theater books to date, turns his attention to two giants of the American musical theater in a work that more aptly should be titled The Rodgers and Hammerstein and Kern and Hart et al. Encyclopedia, in that this volume is not limited to shows and films written by the title duo but also encompasses those of their collaborators. The alphabetically arranged, brief entries (100-300 words, with longer entries for specific shows) cover every stage, film, and television project in which either person was involved, as well as entries on notable performers, librettists, songsters, and specific songs, with numerous cross-references. Of particular interest are entries covering such specialized topics as ethnicity, settings, and list songs. Appendixes list Rodgers and Hammerstein's awards and recordings, and the index is particularly useful. Hischak's writing style is both informative and fascinating, with just enough subjectivity to keep users browsing. Music lovers will appreciate the attention he pays to song recordings not from cast albums. This will be an indispensable guide to this most American genre for all theater and music collections. Highly recommended. All undergraduates and general readers." - Choice
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