Conflict Resolution for Managers and Leaders: The CDR Associates Training Package

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Most modern organizations, businesses, non-profits, and other groups have instituted regular trainings in problem solving, dispute resolution, and also introduced official systems of conflict resolution as part of their operating procedures and policies at all levels of their organization. CDR, the most sought after conflict resolution training organization, has been at the forefront of this workplace movement for more than 25 years, doing thousands of trainings across the U.S. and around the world. Now, with this training package, it's possible for those companies and organizations unable to have CDR in person to have access to their techniques and methods. This binder product will include a leader's manual and participants workbook (which can be ordered in larger quantities) which train an organization in the dynamics of competition and cooperation, causes of conflict, productive vs. destructive conflict, interest-based negotiation and problem solving, communication skills, facilitative leadership, coaching simulations, and specific presentation skills.





CDR's Training Strategy.

CDR's Approach to Conflict and Collaboration.

Overview of the Modules.

Contents of the Modules.

What Every Trainer Should Know.

A Lifelong Journey.

MODULE 1. Dynamics of Competition and Cooperation.

MODULE 2. Causes and Dynamics of Conflict.

MODULE 3. Interest-Based Negotiation and Problem Solving.

MODULE 4. Communication Skills I: Effective Listening.

MODULE 5. Communication Skills II: Framing and Reframing.

MODULE 6. Raising Conflict Productively.

MODULE 7. Structural Conflict in Organizations.

MODULE 8. Facilitative Leadership.


CDR has been a premier conflict resolution and training organization throughout the US and around the world for more than 25 years. Their clients include United Airlines, Levi Strauss, The US Departments of Treasury, Interior, and Reclamation, Air West, the Supreme Court of Ohio, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, the Ceyhan Oil Pipeline Project, the Federal Reserve, the South Africa National Peace Secretariat. Among their staff are Chris Moore (The Mediation Process), Bernie Mayer (The Dynamics of Conflict Resolution, Beyond Neutrality), Suzanne Ghais (Extreme Facilitation), and many others. Ms. Ghais will be the project leader for this training package, ably assisted by Bernie Mayer. CDR has its home offices in Boulder, Colorado.
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