The Ten Students You'll Meet in Your Classroom: Classroom Management Tips for Middle and High School Teachers

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In this book, teachers will encounter 10 student archetypes developed by Vicki Gill as a way to understand student behavior. Though students never fall neatly into one category, Gill has included classroom management tips for working with students who exhibit these types of behaviors in your classroom. Ranging from rebels, invisibles to perfectionists, the archetypes represent students who may present challenges, but also have lots to teach us.


Introduction: Before You Begin...
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1. The Good Kids
2. The Rebels
3. The Misfits
4. The Royalty
5. The Manipulators
6. The Victims
7. The Extraordinary
8. The Angry
9. The Invisibles
10. The Perfectionists
Before You Finish...


Vickie Gill has taught high school English, reading, and journalism for 30 years in both California and Tennessee. Gill has won several teaching and community service honors and was a finalist for Tennessee State Teacher of the Year 2000. She is currently teach­ing part-time and works as a consultant for a school district in central California. She has a BA in English from San Jose State University and an MEd from Vanderbilt University.


"While there is no pat formula involved, the approach does help teachers identify and more effectively work with common patterns of behavior and learning: add case histories and you have an excellent real-world survey."
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