Variational Problems in Materials Science

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The study of variational problems in materials science has a long history, and it has contributed a lot in shaping our understanding on how materials work and perform. There is, however, a recent renewed interest in this subject as a consequence of the fruitful interaction between mathematical analysis and the modelling of new, technologically advanced materials.This volume collects articles about the study of BV vector fields, path functionals over Wasserstein spaces, variational approaches to quasi-static evolution, free-discontinuity problems with applications to fracture and plasticity, systems with hysteresis or with interfacial energies, evolution of interfaces, multi-scale analysis in ferromagnetism and ferroelectricity, variational techniques for the study of crystal plasticity, of dislocations, and of concentrations in Ginzburg-Landau functionals, concentrated contact interactions, and phase transitions in biaxial liquid crystals.


Remarks on a Multiscale Approach to Grain Growth in Polycrystals.- Another Brick in the Wall.- Variational Problems for Functionals Involving the Value Distribution.- Bi-Modal Cohesive Energies.- Criterion for Tricritical Points in Liquid Crystal Phases.- Asymptotics of Boundary Value Problems for Supercritical Ginzburg-Landau Energies.- An Introduction to H-measures and Their Applications.- A Singular Perturbation Result with a Fractional Norm.- Smooth and Creased Equilibria for Elastic-plastic Plates and Beams.- On Concentrated Contact Interactions.- Discontinuous Hysteresis and P.D.E.s.


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