Twentieth-Century Autobiography: Writing Wales in English

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April 2005



The writing of good autobiography requires an encounter with oneself that can involve the need to wrestle with potent elements from one's past. This work on 20th-century Welsh autobiography in English traces the psychological influences which have shaped the consciousness and world views of seven authors, all by birth, or by adoption, Welsh.


Barbara Prys-Williams is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Research into the English Literature and Language of Wales at the University of Wales, Swansea where she gained a Ph.D. in English. She taught for some twenty years in schools in Britain and abroad. She has published widely on Welsh autobiography in English.


' The appeal of this splendid volume should extend beyond narrowly defined academic circles. These essays will compliment and enhance any future reading of the texts concerned.' Gwales 'Prys-Williams's enthusiasm for her project is refreshing, as is her often charming prose style ...well worth reading as a handy introductory guide to Welsh autobiography: detailed enough for readers familiar with the literature of Wales, and yet brief enough for those to whom Barbara Prys-Williams has opened up a whole new world of writers'. Biography '...fascinating and thoroughly researched book ...'. New Welsh Review
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