Singing in Musical Theater: The Training of Singers and Actors

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August 2007



Visit the studios of the best voice teachers in the world today--and learn what it takes to have a career in musical theatre, and a voice that lasts a lifetime. Sixteen master teachers from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia gather in "Singing in Musical Theatre "to share professional advice on using a classically trained voice for musical theatre. Discover their secrets for breathing, alignment, articulation, and resonance--with unique cross-cultural ideas and insights. Learn what they tell their private students about dance classes, movement work, theatre voice training, and actor training, as well as psychological and physical challenges. Don't waste time digging through other books--this is the one-of-a-kind, focused guidebook that shows "exactly" how to enter the exciting world of musical theatre.


Joan Melton has been one of Broadway's best loved and most respected voice coaches and therapists for more than 25 years. Among her clients are numerous theatre, pop, rock, and opera stars - including Madonna and Betty Buckley ("Hers is the finest voice in musical theatre today." - Entertainment Weekly).
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