Structure and Biophysics

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This volume is a collection of articles from the proceedings of the ISSBMR 7th Course: Structure and Biophysics - New Technologies for Current Challenges in Biology and Beyond. This NATO Advanced Institute (ASI) was held in Erice at the Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture in June 2005. It presents state of the art information on NMR spectroscopy and its place in the broader field of biophysics.


Preface.- Structural Genomics by NMR Spectroscopy; A. Gutmanas et al.- Investigation of Proteins in Living Bacteria with in-Cell NMR Experiments; V. Dötsch.- Protein-Membrane Interactions: Lessons from In Silico Studies; R.G. Efremov et al.- Anything Goes - Protein Structural Polymorphism; A.M. Gronenborn.- Tandem Interactions in the trp Repressor System may Regulate Binding to Operator DNA; O. Jardetzky, M.D. Finucane.- Basic Principles of RNA NMR Spectroscopy; P.J. Lukavsky.- Probabilistic Structure Calculation; W.Rieping et al.- Molecular Insights into PKR Activation by Viral Double-Stranded RNA; S.A. McKenna et al.- Structural Dynamic Approach as Rational Input for Drug Design; R. Sertchook et al.- Max Perutz: Chemist, Molecular Biologist, Human Rights Activist; J.M. Thomas.- Ribosomal Crystallography: Peptide Bond Formation, Chaperone Assistance and Antibiotics Inactivation; A. Yonath.- Author Index.-
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