New Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence

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This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed joint post-proceedings of the 17th and 18th annual conferences of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence, JSAI 2003 and JSAI 2004, and co-located international workshops, held in Niigata, Japan in June 2003 and in Kanazawa, Japan in May/June 2004 respectively. It features a number of award winning papers as well as revised full workshop papers from these conferences.


17th Annual Conference of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (JSAI 2003) - Award-Winning Papers.- Award-Winning Papers (Overview).- Analysis of Hepatitis Dataset by Decision Tree Based on Graph-Based Induction.- Efficient Algorithms for Finding Frequent Substructures from Semi-structured Data Streams.- Bus Information System Based on User Models and Dynamic Generation of VoiceXML Scripts.- Robotic Communication Terminals as a Ubiquitous System for Improving Human Mobility by Making Environment Virtually Barrier-Free.- International Workshop on Agent-Based Modeling.- Workshop on Agent-Based Modeling.- Mechanism Design for Environmental Issues.- Cooperative Behavior with Common Information Controller in Minority Game.- Analysis of Efficiency and Accuracy of Learning in Minority Games.- A Partitioned Random Network Agent Model for Organizational Sectionalism Studies.- Analyzing and Taming Collective Learning of a Multiagent System with Connected Replicator Dynamics.- International Workshop: From Semantic Web to Semantic World.- Semantic Authoring and Semantic Computing.- Social Summarization for Semantic Society.- Discussion Mining: Knowledge Discovery from Semantically Annotated Discussion Content.- Semantic Computing with Conversations and Stories.- 18th Annual Conference of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (JSAI 2004) - Award-Winning Papers.- Award-Winning Papers (Overview).- Effective Dimension in Anomaly Detection: Its Application to Computer Systems.- Document Retrieval Using Feedback of Non-relevant Documents.- Tagging for Intelligent Processing of Design Information.- Application and Analysis of Interpersonal Networks for a Community Support System.- Dynamic Social Simulation with Multi-agents Having Internal Dynamics.- Human-Robot Cooperative Sweeping Using Commands Embedded in Actions.- Discovery of Skills from Motion Data.- Emergence and Evolution of Linguistic Communication.- Emergence and Evolution of Linguistic Communication.- The Emergence of Language in Grounded Adaptive Agents and Robots.- Exposure Dependent Creolization in Language Dynamics Equation.- Evolution of Birdsong Grammars.- Homophony and Disambiguation Through Sequential Processes in the Evolution of Language.- Mirroring, Deixis, and Interaction Topology in the Emergence of Shared Vocabularies.- A Role Sharing Model of Language Areas.- The Evolution of Writing Systems: Against the Gelbian Hypothesis.- The Emergence and Evolution of Graphical Productions.- Complex Vocal Behavior and Cortical-Medullar Projection.- Logic and Engineering of Natural Language Semantics.- Logic and Engineering of Natural Language Semantics 2004.- Dynamic Predicate Logic of Dependent Questions and Answers.- On Dependency and Quantification in Dynamic Semantics.- Dynamic Interpretations and Interpretation Structures.- The Dynamics of a Japanese Reflexive Pronoun.- Dynamic Semantics at Work.- A Demonstrative Analysis of Anaphora in Hob-Nob Sentences.- Temporal Dynamic Semantics of Factual Counterfactuals.- English Present Perfect Revisited:.- Workshop on Active Mining.- Workshop on Active Mining (AM-2004).- Spiral Discovery of a Separate Prediction Model from Chronic Hepatitis Data.- Process to Discovering Iron Decrease as Chance to Use Interferon to Hepatitis B.- A Novel Hybrid Approach for Interestingness Analysis of Classification Rules.- Preliminary Evaluation of Discovered-Rule-Filtering Methods.- Proposal of Relevance Feedback Based on Interactive Keyword Map.- A Correlation-Based Approach to Attribute Selection in Chemical Graph Mining.- Improving Multiclass ILP by Combining Partial Rules with Winnow Algorithm: Results on Classification of Dopamine Antagonist Molecules.- Mining of Three-Dimensional Structural Fragments in Drug Molecules.
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Untertitel: JSAI 2003 and JSAI 2004 Conferences and Workshops, Niigata, Japan, June 23-27, 2003, Kanazawa, Japan, May 31-June 4, 2004, Revised Selected Papers. 'Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence'. 2007. Auflage. Book. Sprache: Englisch.
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