London's Women Teachers: Gender, Class and Feminism, 1870-1930

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Mai 1996



Dina Copelman's investigation of the public and private lives of women teachers reveals a strikingly different model of gender and class identity than the orthodox one constructed by historians of middle-class gender roles and middle-class feminism. Consequently, while the book focuses on women teachers from the beginning of state education in 1870 up to 1930, it is also an examination of how gender, class and professional identities were shaped and perceived. While offering a significant original contribution to the social history of teachers, this book is also driven by a consideration of broader historiographical questions.


"The book is a fascinating contribution to our knowledge of the lives of a group of comfortable, working-class and lower middle-class women in fin-de-siecle London. Copelman sensitively portrays the importance of gender and class in structuring identity through her exploration of community and family life, patterns of education, leisure and consumption."
-"Gender and History, 8/97
"Dr. Copelman has, with verve and imagination, moved outside conventional subdisciplinary boundaries in conceiving teachers as not only part of the history of education, but also as figures in women's history, urban history, and the history of the lower middle class."
-Ellen Ross, Ramapo College of New Jersey
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