Financial Stability, Economic Growth, and the Role of Law

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Financial crises have become an all too common occurrence over the past twenty years, largely as a result of changes in finance brought about by increasing internationalization and integration. As domestic financial systems and economies have become more interlinked, weaknesses can significantly impact not only individual economies but also markets, financial intermediaries, and economies around the world. This volume addresses the twin objectives of financial development in the context of financial stability and the role of law in supporting both. Financial stability (frequently seen as the avoidance of financial crisis) has become an objective of both the international financial architecture and individual economies and central banks. At the same time, financial development is now seen to play an important role in economic growth. In both financial stability and financial development, law and related institutions have a central role.


Part I. Finance and the International Financial Architecture: 1. Law, finance, and development; 2. Financial stability and the international financial architecture; Part II. Foundations of Finance: 3. Preconditions for and institutional underpinnings of finance; 4. Central banking and financial policy; 5. Financial infrastructure; Part III. Financial Regulation and Supervision: 6. Banking: regulation, supervision, and development; 7. Non-bank finance: securities, insurance, pensions, and microfinance; 8. Financial liberalization, financial conglomerates and financial regulatory structure; Part IV. Looking Forward: 9. The international financial architecture; 10. Reforming financial systems.


Douglas Arner is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Hong Kong, specializing in financial law, regulation, and development. He is Director of the Asian Institute of International Financial Law (AIIFL) and director of the LLM (Corporate and Financial Law) Programme at HKU. In addition, he is the Co-Director of the HKU-Duke University Asia-America Institute in Transnational Law. Prior to his appointment at HKU, Dr. Arner was the Sir John Lubbock Support Fund Fellow at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS) at Queen Mary, University of London, and Director of Research of the London Institute of International Banking, Finance, and Development Law (a think-tank consultancy). Dr Arner has served as a consultant with, among others, the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, APEC, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and Development Bank of Southern Africa. He has lectured, co-organised conferences and seminars, and been involved with financial sector reform projects in over 20 economies in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. He is co-author or co-editor of five books, and author or co-author of more than forty studies, articles, and chapters on financial law, regulation and development. His current research focuses on financial development and regional financial integration. Dr Arner holds a BA in literature, economics, and political science from Drury University, a JD (cum laude) from Southern Methodist University, an LLM (with distinction) in banking and finance law from the University of London (Queen Mary College), and a PhD from the University of London.
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