Limit Hold'em: Winning Short-Handed Strategies: Techniques for Limit Hold'em Games with Six Players or Less

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This book teaches you how to be an expert in winning limit hold'em short-handed play through strategies and examples.


Chapter 1: Understanding your Goals and Reading this Book.Chapter 2: Online Considerations.Chapter 3: Short-handed vs Full-ring Play.Chapter 4: Statistics.Chapter 5: Player Modeling.Chapter 6: Pre-flop.Chapter 7: The flop.Chapter 8: The Turn.Chapter 9: The River.Chapter 10: Super Short-handed Adjustments.Chapter 11: Super-Short Pre-flop Play.Chapter 12: Super Short: Post-flop Play.Chapter 13: Picking Your Spots.Chapter 14: Personal Development.Chapter 15: All about Tilt.Chapter 16: Ethics and Etiquette.Chapter 17: All-in Situations.Chapter 18: Play Adjustments.Chapter 19: Money Matters.Chapter 20: Rakeback and bonuses.Chapter 21: Software Tools.Glossary.


Terry and Lawrence have won hundreds of thousands of dollars playing on-line - exclusively in short-handed cash games. They have also consulted for an online gambling and poker website. Now they pass on their knowledge to you.Barry, author of Advanced Limit Hold'em and regular Card Player columnist, has been a full time professional for many years and is widely acknowledged as a top poker coach and teacher.
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