Critical Graphicacy

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Februar 2007



This book explores reading and interpretation practices related to visual materials - here referred to as inscriptions - that accompany texts. Guiding questions include: 'What practices are required for reading inscriptions?' and 'Do textbooks allow students to develop graphicacy skill required to critically read scientific texts?' The book reveals what it takes to interpret, read, and understand visual materials, and what it takes to engage inscriptions in a critical way.


Preface. Introduction.
1 Toward a critical graphicacy.
2 The work of reading graphs.
3 Graphicacy and context.
4 Photographs in biology texts.
5 Graphicacy in lectures.
6 Interpretive graphicacy in practice.
7 The work of reading layered inscriptions.
8 Semiotics of chemical inscriptions.
9 Reading layered dynamic inscription.
Epilogue: Steps toward a critical graphicacy.
Notes. References. Index. About the authors.
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