The Quest for a European Strategic Culture: Changing Norms on Security and Defence in the European Union

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November 2006



The Quest for a European Strategic Culture investigates whether strategic norms and beliefs held in different countries have become more similar since 1989 and explores the implications for the viability of a common European Security and Defence Policy. The empirical evidence emerging from various sources shows some significant changes.


A European Strategic Culture in the Making?: Introducing a Constructivist Approach How do Strategic Cultures Change?: Three Mechanisms of Normative Change The Impact of Changing Threat Perceptions on Strategic Thinking in Europe after 1989 The Impact of Mediatised Crisis Learning on Collective Norms Social Influence through Institutions: The Case of the Political and Security Committee Do Europeans Think Alike About the Use of Force?: Synthesising and Theorising the Findings European Strategic Culture and the Prospects for European Defence Appendix


CHRISTOPH O. MEYER is Lecturer in European Studies at King's College London. Previously, he held positions at Birkbeck, University of London, the Centre for European Policy Studies in Brussels and the University of Cologne. His specialisations include European integration and governance, transnational political communication and constructivist approaches to security and defence policy.


'Meyer's book is the first major study of European strategic culture to be published and as such merits serious reflection by scholars...he has trailblazed a highly productive and indicative theoretical-empirical approach to the understanding of this important concept' - Professor Jolyon Howorth in Security and Defence Policy in the European Union 'Meyer provides a timely and well researched picture of European strategic culture and ESDP potential, and is to be commended for his attempts at analysing the infinitely tougher connection between the two' - Amelia Hadfield, University of Kent in Journal of Common Market Studies 'Meyer's approach to the issue of the much-debated creation of a European strategic culture is important in that it enhances the adopted theoretical positions, and brings a rigorous and accurate input to the sometimes rather essayistic discussion...this is a very solid and accurate study that adds important theoretic and empirical inputs to the current discussion. Its ideas and arguments are solidly exposed and reveal a thorough approach to the issues of strategy, security and defence in the EU' - Bruno Martin in European Foreign Affairs Review
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