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"It's Oscar Wilde crossed with Monty Python."--"USA Today" "Loot" is a wild parody of detective fiction, adding the blackest farce and jabs at established ideas on death, the police, religion, and justice. This is the student edition of Joe Orton's classic farce, first produced in London in 1966. It offers a plot summary, full commentary, character notes, and questions for study, along with a chronology and bibliography.


Joe Orton was born in Leicester in 1933. He joined RADA in 1951, where he met his mentor and lover Kenneth Halliwell. Living on the dole (and briefly in prison, for defacing library books) the two collaborated on novels, though Orton's solo writing brought him more fame. His openly gay lifestyle has turned him into an iconic figure. He was murdered by Halliwell in 1967.
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