Acquisitions Go Global: An Introduction to Library Collection Management in the 21st Century

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Takes the reader through many aspects of a library's collection including the user, current holdings, selection, and acquisition of new materials. This work considers budgets, and how books are made available in 21st century markets. It describes methods for assessing library vendors.


University community - knowing who uses the library and their needs; Collection evaluation - discovering what is in the current collection, as a basis for adding new resources; Selection of materials - learning about tools that are available to help librarians find new materials; Collection management - gaining insights into how a collection can be balanced, and realizing the complexity inherent in academic library collections; Financial considerations - looking at financial flows, and responsible financial management; Book chain development - appreciating the steps of production and distribution that take a book from concept to library shelf; Vendor assessment - measuring how well or how badly a vendor serves the library and how other vendors' service compares; Speculations about the future - discusses new implications for information management and access in the future.


Jim Agee is the Technical Services Manager for Acquisitions and Serials at the University of Northern Colorado. He brings a dozen years of daily acquisitions experience to this position and this text. Agee taught graduate courses in Selection and Acquisitions for several years, he directed an ALA accredited MLS program, has given acquisitions seminars in Sofia, Bulgaria; Manila, Philippines; Pretoria, South Africa, and has travelled extensively visiting libraries in the US and other nations. Agee has written numerous articles and presented papers on librarianship, frequently focusing on acquisitions. He is involved with the American Library Association's ALCTS and IRRT, and is a personal member of IFLA. Agee also serves as Editor of the Colorado Association of Libraries' quarterly publication, Colorado Libraries. BA: Business Management, MS: Aviation Safety Management, MA: English, MLS: Library and Information Management.


."..a great resource." -Library Matters ."..a text that is highly readable and useful at the same time. The book is exactly what it claims." -Information Research
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