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No British social movement captured contemporary imaginations as Chartism did. This unique book is the only history to offer complete, in-depth coverage of the full chronological spread of its activities (1838-58), based throughout on detailed research.


Illustrations Acknowledgments Abbreviations 1 May-September 1838: 'I have in my hand a charter - the people's charter' Chartist lives: Abram and Elizabeth Hanson
2 October-December 1838: 'The people are up' Chartist lives: Patrick Brewster
3 January-July 1839: 'The People's Parliament' Chartist lives: Thomas Powel
4 July-November 1839: 'Extreme excitement and apprehension'
Chartist lives: John Watkins
5 November 1839-January 1840: After Newport Chartist lives: Samuel Holberry
6 February 1840-December 1841: 'The Charter and nothing less' Chartist lives: Elizabeth Neesom
7 1842: 'Toasting muffins at a volcano' Chartist lives: Richard Pilling
8 1843-1846: Doldrums Years Chartist lives: Ann Dawson
9 July-1846-April 1848: 'A time to make men politicians' Chartist lives: William Cuffay
10 April 1848-1852: 'Decent revolutionaries'? 11
Chartist Lives: 'Ever present to the progressive mind'
Money, prices and wages: a note A note on sources and further reading Index


Malcolm Chase is Reader in Labour History at the University of Leeds


"This is just what the subject has needed: a strong intertwined narrative and analysis, pulling out new themes as well as old and providing the human touch through brief biographies that link into and enhance the overall argument. A very important book combining scholarship with readability."--John Walton, University of Central Lancashire
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