The Cossacks

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August 2007



This book covers 500 years of the history of the Cossacks -- the recklessly brave, wild horsemen, or the romantic hero of the steppe, or the brutal mounted policemen, as they have been remembered throughout history. A lucid and engaging book that conveys the passion, exuberance and tragedy of these extraordinary people, it will be enjoyed by students, scholars and general readers interested in Russian history.


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Part One: Beginnings to 1600 Introduction Prologue Chapter One: The Origins of the Cossacks Part Two: The Era of Cossack Rebellions 1600-1774 Chapter Two: Bodan Khmelnytsky Chapter Three: Stepan Razin Chapter Four: Emel'ian Pugachev Part Three: The Cossacks in the Long Nineteenth Century 1774-1914 Chapter Five: Government, Administration and Economy Chapter Six: Cossack Women Chapter Seven: Economic Crisis and Revolution Part Four: The Cossacks
in the Soviet Era
Chapter Eight:The Cossacks and the February Revolution Chapter Nine: The Cossacks and the Civil War Chapter Ten: The Cossacks Under Soviet Power Epilogue: The Return of the Cossacks?
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Shane O'Rourke is Lecturer in History at the University of York


"An important, engaging and accessible contribution to scholarly knowledge and understanding of the Russian Cossacks, utilizing a range of archival materials, published primary sources and secondary literature."--Sarah Badcock, University of Nottingham
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