Creative Evolution

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Henri Bergson (1859-1941) is one of the truly great philosophers of the modernist period, and there is currently a major renaissance of interest in his unduly neglected texts and ideas amongst philosophers, literary theorists, and social theorists. Creative Evolution (1907) is the text that made Bergson world-famous in his own lifetime; in it Bergson responds to the challenge presented to our habits of thought by modern evolutionary theory, and attempts to show that the theory of knowledge must have its basis in a theory of life.


Series Preface Introduction;
K.Ansell Pearson Editions and translations of Bergson used Further Reading CREATIVE EVOLUTION;
H. Bergson Translator's Note;
A.Mitchell The Evolution of Life - Mechanism and Teleology The Divergent Directions of the Evolution of Life. Torpor, Intelligence, Instinct On the Meaning of Life - The Order of Nature and the Form of Intelligence The Cinematographical Mechanism of Thought and the Mechanistic Illusion - A Glance at the History of Systems - Real Becoming and False Evolution Bibliographical Material Biographical Synopses Glossary of Biological Terms Index


Henri Bergson wurde am 18. Oktober 1859 in Paris geboren. Er war zunächst Gymnasiallehrer und ab 1900 Professor für Philosophie am Collège de France. 1907 erschien sein Hauptwerk "Schöpferische Entwicklung", für das ihm 1927 der Literaturnobelpreis verliehen wurde. Der französische Philosoph negierte die Rolle des logischen Denkens und betrachtete die voluntative Intuition, die mystische Schau, als höchste Form der philosophischen Erkenntnis, durch die Wahrheit unmittelbar, außerhalb sinnlicher und rationaler Daten erkannt wird. Sein Denken beeinflusste nachhaltig die französische Philosophie und Literatur bis hin zum Existentialismus. Bergson starb am 4. Januar 1941 in Paris.


'Palgrave Macmillan is to be congratulated for reissuing these classic Bergson texts. This is a timely decision since Bergson was the great thinker of life and it seems, nearly one hundred years later, that we find ourselves once again required to conceive life. Keith Ansell Pearson and John Mullarkey have been at the forefront of the new conception of life, therefore no better editors for these volumes could be selected.' - Professor Leonard Lawlor, Department of Philosophy, University of Memphis, USA
'Long absent from the center of discussion in Western philosophy, Bergson has recently made a reappearance. The Centennial Series of his works undertaken by Palgrave Macmillan thus comes at an opportune time, making it possible for those interested in Bergson's ideas t have access to newly annotated versions of several of his chief writings, freshly introduced and discussed. It is particularly good to see the republication of Mind-Energy, a treasure trove of Bergsonian insights long out of print.' - Professor Pete A.Y. Gunter, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, University of North Texas, USA
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