Politics in the Russian Regions

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Juni 2007



This volume analyzes the changing power relations in the Russian regions and in their relationship with the centre. It considers Russian federalism and the changes that Putin has introduced, and the distribution of power at the regional level. The result is a rich survey of the state of federal relations in Russia.


Introduction: Power and the Russian Regions;
G.Gill Russia's Ethnofederalism: Under-Institutionalized, Not Self-Sustaining;
A.Heinemann-Gruder Federalism and Defederalization in a Country in Transition: The Russian Experience;
O.Oracheva Collaborative or Hegemonic? Tatarstan and Conflicting Visions of Federalism in Putin's Russia;
D.Cashaback Not So Different After All? Centre-Region Relations: A Ukrainian Perspective;
K.Zimmer The Influence of Russian Big Business on Regional Power: Models and Political Consequences;
R.Turovsky Economic Actors in Russian Regional Politics: The Example of the Oil Industry;
J.Kusznir Russia's Northern Periphery in Transition: Regional Fragmentation of the Far North;
D.Göler Conclusion: Democratization and Regional Politics;


DAVID CASHABACK Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Political Studies, University of Ottawa, Canada
DANIEL GÖLER Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, University of Bamberg, Germany
ANDREAS HEINEMANN-GRÜDER Senior Research Analyst, Bonn International Centre for Conversion, Germany
JULIA KUSZNIR Director, Koszalin Institute of Comparative European Studies, Koszalin, Poland
OKSANA ORACHEVA Associate Professor, Department of Political Science and Political Governance, Russian State Academy of Civil Service, Russia
ROSTISLAV TUROVSKY Lecturer, Moscow State University, Russia
KERSTIN ZIMMER Institute for Sociology, Philipps University Marburg, Germany


"The maps and biblography are very helpful. An excellent book... Highly recommended." --"CHOICE""" "To sum up, this is a cautiously written yet pioneering work dealing with the Russian--especially Siberian--economy, just before it burst recently with full force into international prominence. The authors warn that the situation, from both the political and economic viewpoint, is still fluid."-- "CHOICE"
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