Americans and Asymmetric Conflict: Lebanon, Somalia, and Afghanistan

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Juli 2007



Provides an understanding of the relationship between classical military theory and modern asymmetric conflict, current asymmetric threats facing the U.S., and a clear set of lessons learned from recent American experiences in Lebanon (1982-1984), Somalia (1992-1994), and Afghanistan (2001-2004).


Adam B. Lowther is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Arkansas Tech University. He is the author of articles in Military Review, Journal of Chinese Political Science, Proceedings, and An Army at War.


"Adam Lowther's analysis of America's experience in asymmetric conflict affords a unique perspective in a burgeoning genre. The author explores America's role in conflicts characterized by disproportionate capabilities and ill-defined objectives. He succeeds in painstakingly tracing the history of unconventional military theory. Lowther provides a superbly systematic analysis of US involvment in Lebanon, Somalia, and Afghanistan...."Americans and Asymmetric Conflict" provides a rich survey of military thought that is instructive for those seeking a concise source on unconventional warfare theory. The case studies of Lebanon, Somalia, and Afghanistan are balanced and insightful, and hold value for future contingency planners. They are also an excellent resource to supplement other primary sources related to similar conflicts." - Parameters
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