Surfing After Nationals

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Februar 2007



'Surfing After Nationals' by Penelope Dyan is the
seventh book in the Surfer Girl Book Series, the story of a girl named Summer who leads an ordinary, yet extraordinary life as she travels the world
swimming and surfing and fulfilling her legacy.

The Open Water Nationals are over until next year, but Summer's excitement is is just beginning. Summer travels to London and swims in the London 10K World Cup, her first international open water race; and soon after that she goes to the island ofSaint Croix and has a frightening adventure with a girl named Annie who she discovers is a girl a lot like her!

Summer worries she won't be able to swim the five-mile Saint Croix Reef Swim because there is so much thunder and lightning when she gets there, she can't go in the water because it isn't safe. The sun finally comes out the day of the race, and Summer can't wait to get in the water and swim! Summer has a great swim, and that's where she meets Annie. After she meets Annie, the real adventure begins. Summer does one more thing to fulfill her legacy with the help of her newly found friend, Annie.

Also available in hardcover, ISBN 0-9793358-1-7
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