The Child in the World/The World in the Child: Education and the Configuration of a Universal, Modern, and Globalized Childhood

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The contributors look at universalizing discourses concerning young children across the globe, which purport to describe everyone in a scientific and neutral way, but actually create mechanisms through which children are divided and excluded. The contributors to this book employ post-structuralist, postcolonial, and feminist theoretical frameworks.


Preface; E.Swadener, G.Cannella & M.Bloch Foreword; T.S.Popkewitz PART
I: THE CHILD IN THE WORLD/THE WORLD IN THE CHILD Education and the Configuration of a Universal, Modern, and Globalized Childhood: An Introduction; M.Bloch, D.Kennedy, T.Lightfoot & D.Weyenberg PART
II: GOVERNING THE UNIVERSA, MODERN CHILD AND FAMILY Educational Theories and Pedagogies as Technologies of Power/Knowledge: Educating the Young Child as a Citizen of an Imagined Nation and World; M.Bloch Configuring the Jewish Child: Intersections of Pedagogy and Cultural Identity; D.Kennedy The Construction of the Asian American Children as "Model" Students; S.M.Adler PART
III: GOVERNING THE MODERN AND NORMAL CHILD THROUGH PEDAGOGICAL DISCOURSES Constructing the Young Child as a "Productive Citizen" through Language Acquisition Theory; T.Lightfoot The Quest for Health in Different Timespaces; D.Weyenberg Visual Images and the Construction of Childhood Cultural Stories; N.Pauly The System of Reasoning the Child in Contemporary Japan; J.Qi The Specter of Irregularity Haunts the Child: A Historical Study of the "Problem-Child" in Brazilian Educational Discourses; A.L.G.Lima PART
IV: GOVERNING THE MODERN AND POST-MODERN CITIZEN AND NATION THROUGH UNIVERSAL REFORMS IN EDUCATION No Child Left Behind? The Specters of Almsgiving and Atonement: A Short Genealogy of the Saving Grace of US Education; K.S.Pena Illusions of Social Democracy: Early Childhood Educational Voucher Policies in Taiwan; I.F.Lee The Foundation Stage Child in a Shifting Sea: A History of the Present of the United Kingdom's Education Act 2002; R.L.Peach


MARIANNE BLOCH is Professor of Curriculum and Instruction and Women's Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.

DEVORAH KENNEDY is a PhD Candidate in Early Childhood Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.

THEODORA LIGHTFOOT is Assistant Professor of Bilingual Education at the University of Illinois Chicago, USA.

DAR WEYENBERG is a PhD Candidate in Curriculum Theory at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.
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