The Party Wall Casebook

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April 2007



The Party Wall Casebook, now available in paperback, is an essential reference tool for surveyors, architects, engineers and lawyers. It provides a comprehensive analysis of over 80 leading cases which define the courts' approach to the Party Wall etc Act 1996 and the related common law rules.


What is a party wall?; What is 'Work in pursuance of the Act'?; Identifying the owners; The validity of notices; The nature of the surveyor's role; Proper constitution of the surveyors' tribunal; Surveyors' jurisdiction; Surveyors' powers; Damage to adjoining property at common law; Surveyors' power to award compensation and making good; Challenges to surveyors' decisions; Appendices - Statutes


Paul Chynoweth lectures in construction and property law at the University of Salford where he specialises in party walls and rights to light. He is a regular speaker to professional audiences on these subjects and is a former member of the RICS Boundaries and Party Walls Working Party. He is qualified as a solicitor and is the legal editor of Structural Survey journal. He founded the party wall and rights to light discussion forum at www.partywallforum.co.uk and is a member of the Pyramus & Thisbe Club.
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