Dang Valley: Beginnings

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The story about Johnny North, a high school senior from Anchorage, Alaska and the vicissitudes that have been special delivered from the 98.6% parallel Oh Henry galaxy. The Dang family of Pennsylvania discovers Johnny in their barn and reveals to him that serendipity is alive and well on Planet Three. Various topics of faith, adventure, occupation, relationships and science get sprinkled with relevant music and poetry. To Johnny North, Dang Valley has the mixed-up ingredients of the Twilight Zone, Star Trek, Mr. Ed, Huckleberry Finn and Woodstock shoved into a blender where the only item left spinning is the maelstrom of life. George Dang, the old patriarch in town, helps entwine all the little stories into the big stories of consciousness and existence. Who better than Mark Twain to begin each chapter with an anecdote from the past to enlighten the present.

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