Horsman Dolls: The Vinyl Era, 1950 to Present

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April 2007



Collector Books is proud to present the first and only collector's guide offering comprehensive coverage of all Horsman dolls from the vinyl era of American playthings, 1950 to the present. Included are more than 700 illustrations showing Horsman dolls from this period. It's a great reference that will help you identify your Horsman doll, drawing upon 50 years of original catalog pictures and photographs of wonderful dolls belonging to experienced Horsman collectors. Current value information for more than 500 different Horsman dolls from nearly six decades is provided. Learn the background of some of Horsman's most popular dolls, including Poor Pitiful Pearl, Cindy, and Thirsty Walker. Also included is an informative chapter about caring for your vinyl dolls to ensure they survive for new generations to love and collect. 2007 values.

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