Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and the Really Big Adventure

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Oktober 2007



Sir Charlie is a fearless young boy who bravely goes where others fear to tread - taming beasties, dousing a fire-breathing dragon and saving a pretty (but feisty) princess. Bursting with humour and fizzing with excitement. The hardback edition is also available this month, see opposite. Ages: 3+.


Kristina Stephenson trained as a set and costume designer. She had a successful career in Theatre and Children's TV until she had her children. Wanting to stay at home with them, she turned to illustration. She has illustrated many non-fiction books. Inspired to write this picture book by her own son Charlie (who doesn't have stinky socks), she showed it to a friend in the book trade. Thankfully for us, he recommended that she send it to Egmont. With a change in artwork style, it's clear that a rare and exciting new picture book talent has emerged. Kristina lives with her husband, who is a musician, and her son and daughter in Wiltshire.
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