A Guide to Teaching Introductory Psychology

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A Guide to Teaching Introductory Psychology focuses on the critical aspects of teaching introductory psychology to undergraduate students. The volume begins with an orienting history of the course and evaluates current trends in teaching, as well as offering suggestions for developing personal techniques. Sandy Goss Lucas addresses a number of relevant issues, including how to teach difficult topics; linking course content to everyday experience; developing and using class presentations, lectures, and active learning ideas; and increasing interest in course topics. The book is supported by a website that provides links to useful websites and handouts that instructors can use in their classes.


Series Editor's Preface.
1. An Introduction to Introductory Psychology.
2. Getting Ready to Teach.
3. Teaching the course: Introduction, Research Methods, Culture.
4. Teaching the course: Human Development.
5. Teaching the course: Biological Psychology.
6. Teaching the course: Sensation and Perception.
7. Teaching the course: Consciousness, Motivation and Emotion.
8. Teaching the course: Learning and Memory.
9. Teaching the course: Cognition, Language, and Cognitive Abilities.
10. Teaching the course: Health, Stress, Coping, and Personality.
11. Teaching the course: Mental Disorders and Therapies.
12. Teaching the course: Social Psychology.
13. Ending the Course, Reflecting On It, Getting Ready for the Next Time.
Appendix: Professional Development Resources in the Teaching of Psychology.


Sandra Goss Lucas is Director of Introductory Psychology in the Department of Psychology at the University of Illinois. Her teaching awards include the University of Illinois Campus Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching and the Alpha Lambda Delta Award for Outstanding Teacher of Freshmen. Her publications include Teaching Psychology: A Step by Step Guide (with Douglas A. Bernstein, 2004).


"We are pleased to recommend this book as a meaningful addition to instructors' resource libraries. The activities presented are clearly suitable for introductory and advanced courses. Moreover, the suggested readings and an appendix that delineates teaching organizations and related conferences provide numerous opportunities for professional development." ( PsycCRITIQUES , March 2009)
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