Ontology Management

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Managing ontologies and annotated data throughout their life-cycles is at the core of semantic systems of all kinds. Ontology Management, an edited volume by senior researchers in the field, provides an up-to-date, concise and easy-to-read reference on this topic. This volume describes relevant tasks, practical and theoretical challenges, limitations and methodologies, plus available software tools. The editors discuss integrating the conceptual and technical dimensions with a business view on using ontologies, by stressing the cost dimension of ontology engineering and by providing guidance on how up-to-date tooling helps to build, maintain, and use ontologies. Also included is a one-stop reference on all aspects of managing ontological data and best practices on ontology management for a number of application domains. Ontology Management is designed as a reference or secondary text for researchers and advanced-level students studying semantic systems, Semantic Web Services (SWS) and Web Services, information systems, data and knowledge engineering, and the Semantic Web in general. Practitioners in industry will find this work invaluable as well.


-Dedications.- Foreword by Professor Dieter Fensel, DERI, University of Innsbruck.- Acknowledgements.- List of Reviewers.- List of Authors.-Overview.- Ontologies: State of the Art, Business Potential, and Grand Challenges.- Infrastructure.-Engineering and Customizing Ontologies: The Human-Computer Challenge in Ontology Engineering.- Integrated Environments for Ontology Management.- Ontology Reasoning with Large Data Repositories.- Evolution, Alignment, And The Business Perspective.- Ontology Evolution: State-of-the-art and Future Directions.- Ontology Alignments: An Ontology Management Perspective.- The Business View: Ontology Engineering Costs and Benefits.- Experiences.- Ontology Management in eBanking Applications.- Ontology-based Knowledge Management in Automotive Engineering Scenarios.- Ontologizing Competencies in an Interorganisational Setting.- About the Editors.- Index.
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