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A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. But that's all Edwin Miller wants. He has a good job, a pleasant home, and is married to the beautiful and loving Des. All he needs to make his life complete is the answer to one question: Has his wife made him a cuckold?


Amber Leigh is the penname of Ashley Lister, the author of our highly successful Swingers book. He also writes as Lisette Ashton; one of Nexus's most respected, read and treasured authors. He lives in Blackpool with his dogs. Titles by Amber Leigh include: Cuckhold and Wifeswap.


"...fun escapism, a bit tongue in cheek, well written and manages to deliver a few twists along the way." -- Madelynne Ellis Erotic Readers & Writers Association "...a hot read..." -- Elizabeth Coldwell Forum "An accomplished erotic novelist..." -- Lisabet Sarai Erotic Readers & Writers Association
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