The Talent Powered Organization

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Every day, workforce talent is becoming harder to gain and easier to lose. A potentially lethal mix of changing workforce demographics, reduced workforce engagement and alignment, and the need for new skills are forcing organizations to look anew at their recruitment and retention strategies. Crucially, organizations that neglect to manage and grow their talent are destined to suffer a dramatic decline in business performance.

The Talent Powered Organization combines a strategic and robust analysis of the dominant issues with a practical approach to reveal the best ways for you to recruit, manage, engage and retain people in your organization. The authors, leading experts on talent management within global consultancy Accenture, draw on a rich pool of international research and analysis to reveal key trends affecting recruitment and retention. Their findings provide you with the insight you need to ensure your organization doesn't lose out in the fight to attract and retain the right people.

With the help of the information provided in this book, you will be able to:

* Place talent at the heart of your business strategy

* Make leaders and line managers accountable for engaging employees

* Build organizational capabilities in learning and skills development

* Establish diversity as a key strategic asset for success

* Enlist your entire organization in identifying and nurturing talent

Containing case studies, international research findings, and practical tools, this book provides you with an objective platform for reviewing talent in your company. It will empower you to understand the forces affecting recruitment and retention and harness them for the long term good of your organization and customers.


Chapter - 00: Introduction from the authors; Chapter - 01: Talent Imperatives for a New Economic World; Chapter - 02: A Strategic Approach to Talent; Chapter - 03: The Discovery of Talent; Chapter - 04: From Talent Development to Deployment; Chapter - 05: Engagement; Chapter - 06: Embedding and Sustaining Talent Power; Chapter - 07: Next Steps and the New Imperatives


Peter Cheese, Robert J Thomas, Elizabeth Craig


"Equivalent to five years of The Economist." "A sparkling and lucid guide to some of the key issues facing businesses today." "It represents value for money and is the equivalent of having five years’ worth of The Economist at your fingertips." Training and Coaching Today, Nov 2007 "The Talent Powered Organisation offers the collective wisdom of three HR consultants from the high-performance practice at Accenture." “This book tackles one of the most pressing and challenging issues on managers’ agendas, winning the battle for talent.” Manager (British Journal of Administrative Management) "Valuable for practising and aspiring HR executives, it also merits wider attention from senior management." "The Talent Powered Organisation will help organisations to win the battle for talent." People Management, Nov 2007 "A comprehensive review of the trends that are elevating talent management to the top of the corporate agenda." "Among the first books in the field to provide a through and holistic perspective on how to respond to these new challenges on a global scale." Consultant News, December 2007 ‘A comprehensive review of the trends that are elevating talent management to the top of the corporate agenda – from recruiting young technicians from the developing world, to retaining valuable experience from an aging generation of employees, to integrating Generation Y into the workforce.’ ‘Among the first books in the field to provide a through and holistic perspective on how to respond to these new challenges on a global scale.’ Accenture Newsroom, December "Provides a fresh look at human capital management. Ample use of diagrams and case studies do a good job of presenting complex issues in a simple format." "If you are putting together a paper on hoe to retain and multiply talent in your organization, or if you are a student studying strategic HR and talent management in a global context, this book offers helpful tips." Training & Development (USA) January 2008 "Written in a reader friendly way by leading experts from Accenture’s Institute for High Performance/Human Performance practice." "A Revealing and rewarding read" Long Range Planning, winter 2008 ‘Whatever your Business function, this book will make you think about business in a new way. It will broaden your horizons, and help you and your organisation to survive and prosper in the 21st Century.’ Business Executive, Nov 2007 ‘A must – read for any leader striving for greater organisational performance’ Professional Manager, January 2008
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