Improving Student Learning One Teacher at a Time

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April 2007



If you?ve ever taught a lesson or run an activity that you thought would teach something or hoped would lead to improved learning, then here's a book that will replace that uncertainty with a clear and confident plan for every class. Jane E. Pollock explains the four critical areas of teaching and describes how you can review your practice and revise what you do to align with a model for success. To execute your plan, the book offers step-by-step instructions that include: * Starting off with a curriculum document that defines your learning targets and explains what students are expected to achieve * Using a 6-step lesson planning process that prepares students, taps their prior knowledge, and cements new ideas and skills * Choosing a set of classroom assessment tasks that yield evidence of learning * Setting up your grade book with benchmarks for scoring student performance rather than using grades or point systems Throughout the book, individual teachers share their experiences with using this approach to increase student success and their own personal satisfaction.

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