The Placenta and Neurodisability

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What are the interactions between altered placental function and neurodisability? In this book a team of experts give detailed accounts of placental lesions that affect normal structure and function to show how impaired placental function may contribute to deviant fetal growth and altered brain development.


Authors' appointments; Foreword Martin Bax; Preface Philip Baker and Colin Sibley; 1. The placenta and neurological outcome in the child Karin Nelson; 2. Deficient trophoblast invasion, placental and fetal compromise Fiona Lyall; 3. The materno-fetal inflammatory response Mark Turner; 4. Cytokines, growth factors, placental insufficiency and infection Ian Crocker; 5. Placental lesions and neurological outcome Raymond Redline; 6. Placental pathology, intrauterine growth restriction, and subsequent child development Paul Eunson; 7. Mdr-1 p-glycoprotein in the placenta: a protective role in neurodevelopment? Diane Atkinson and Colin Sibley; 8. In-utero imaging of the placenta Penny Gowland; 9. Animal models of fetal growth restriction and cerebral compromise Donald Peebles; 10. Placental programming leading to mental ill-health: fetal growth and schizophrenia Kathryn Abel and Matthew Allin; 11. Conclusions - the placenta and neurodisability Stephen D'Souza; Index.


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