Forget Me Not

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Oktober 2007



The sparkling new novel from the bestselling author of 'A Question of Love.'


Isabel Wolff was born in Warwickshire and read English at Cambridge. She is the author of seven other bestselling novels, which are published in 23 languages. She lives in London with her family.


Praise for FORGET ME NOT: 'Feel-good escapism' Elle 'You won't be able to put this romanric comedy down' Closer 'Familiy secrets are unravelled in this touching tale. As Anna tries to deal with the death of her mother, the aftermath reveals some life-changing events from the past. A true feel-good read to devour in one go.' Woman Praise for 'A Question of Love': 'Pure feel-good escapism. Perfect.' Sophie Kinsella 'Old passions are re-ignited but should Laura risk everything on a past love or stick with her safe life? A charming, funny and unpredictable read.' Company 'A resigned singleton, Laura's world is rocked when her first boyfriend reappears. Compulsive.' Heat 'A touching, compulsive read. Love it!' Hot Stars
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